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Billing models


Short description of the pricing model

Our price list with all services is available here.

All our services can be purchased in several main billing modes. There are three main billing modes we provide to our Tenants:

  • Per usage (per hour) prepaid mode where services are billed according to every hour (or even minute) used. A User can purchase a credit to be used to provision and keep system’s resources. The credit is measured in Billing Units which are valuated to 1 Euro each for the sake of the Price List. Every 10 minutes the Tenants credit is decreased with the cost of actually used resources. This is a very flexible mode that allows to create and remove resources at will and pay only for the actually used resources. This is a mode useful for experimental and development work or for environments with very variable resources.
  • Fixed term (long term contract) mode where services are bought for longer periods. In this mode a User purchases well defined Platform’s resources for well-defined periods of time. The long term resources can be paid directly or with the use of credit in Billing Units. One cannot then change these resources but on the other hand obtains much cheaper offering. This mode is preferable for long term usage of well-defined environments with well understood needs.
  • Revenue sharing mode where cost of the service depends on the resource sold by the Third Party to its customer. This mode is used in data marketplace. In this mode the Platform charges a Third Party with a price equal to a fixed percentage (normally 10%) of Third Party revenues acquired from the End-user.

Additionally to the main price list we offer a special discount for the scientific institutions.


Individual negotiations

We also can offer big volume and long term service discounts which are subject of individual negotiations.


Test credit

We also offer a possibility to register in the service for all the interested parties. If a potential tenant is interested he can (after a short marketing interview) receive a small test credit to be able to test and evaluate our platform.

Each user's application for free credits will be considered on an individual basis. CloudFerro reserves the right to refuse granting free credits for any reason at any time.