LPS 2022 and upcoming webinars

CloudFerro was present at the ESA's Living Planet Symposium - the biggest Earth observation conference in the world. This year it took place in Bonn, Germany from 23–27 May 2022. ESA’s Living Planet Symposium was a great opportunity for the whole EO community to share knowledge about the latest scientific developments and findings, as well as technology novelties that support the use of EO data in environmental research. We greatly appreciate all thought-provoking ideas, inspirational conversations, and valuable comments. Check our website for some highlights.
As for the upcoming events, we have planned 3 webinars for June - see the details under the links below:
Using GPU for AI & EO applications, Wednesday, June 22nd
Please go to our webinar page to register for our sessions and to watch webinars on-demand. Stay tuned!


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